Your help is needed! Lincoln 2017 Holiday Gift Shop–12/4-12/8

Dear parents and volunteers:

This year Lincoln PTA will hold a Holiday Gift Shop during 12/ 4-12/8. The intent is to help children to buy gifts for their family members. The gifts provided by Fun Service are moderately priced, including jewelry, coffee mugs, candles, toolkits, key rings, small toys, etc. Most are under $5.

We feel the Holiday Gift Shop can be an excellent learning opportunity for children to gain experience in selecting and purchasing items and handling money on their own. It also encourages them to earn money by doing chores and save money to purchase gifts for their family.

All profits will be donated to Lincoln Student Council!

Preview times are on 12/4(Monday) and 12/5 (Tuesday). Shopping times for the gift shop are during recess and lunchtime. Please check time slots listed and select available slots to volunteer and sign up online:

Thank you for helping to make the Holiday Gift Shop a success for our students!

Numbers of Volunteers needed and Working Time
Monday 9-11:00 (3) 11:00-12:15(5) 12:15-1:30 (5) 1:30-2:40 (3)
Tuesday 9-11:00 (3) 11:00-12:15(5) 12:35-1:30(5) 1:30-2:40 (3)
Wednesday 10:30-11:30(5) 12:35-1:30(5)
Thursday 12:35-1:30(5)
Friday 10:30-11:30(5) 12:35-1:30(5)

Job description:

Table keeper

  • Present sample gifts and answer questions,
  • Help students choose gifts,
  • Write down the prices and item numbers of the gifts on prepared slips and calculate the total price

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