LaunchPad Event Day Process

Message from Rekha Iyers, LaunchPad Coordinator (

Items that need to be stored in school

–      If you have to store some items in school prior to the event (tomorrow), I may able to get permission from school. Teams that need to, may separately email Rekha Iyers ( and I will let you know how we can do it.
Friday, May 20th-D day!!!
–      Check in 2.45pm; Find the Lincoln LaunchPad check-in table in the corridor of Office -Library (near the lost and found bin:))
–      When you check in, you (team managers) will have to sign a “acknowledgement and waiver” form (mandatory supervision requirement of students of your team at all times and a mandatory don’t for students)
–      Teams will be given assigned places (you will be directed to the area and table; all spots will be marked for space you can occupy as well.
–      Teams must use the “blue painter’s tape to stick anything (especially the walls) on school property.
–      Teams selling food will have an extra “Food Allergy Notice” Flyer (prepared by LaunchPad Committee) to display.
Layout, Tables and Canopies
–      Layout has been made with care taken that our kids businesses do not clash!
–      Most teams are going to be under the awning (First Grade Lunch Tables and 4th Grade Lunch Tables)
–      Teams who needed extra space, extra tables, electricity outlets – all taken care:)
–      We made sure teams on the upper grade black top area (Entertainment show) are all under canopies! We want all students to be in the shade on a hot afternoon-Let’s just say “We are all Covered!”
Please email Rekha Iyers ( if you need any additional information.