It is no secret that the Cupertino Union School District is among the least funded elementary school districts in California. There are a variety of reasons why this is the case. Yet while district leaders fight for dollars, we are faced with the very real challenge of trying to offset the impact of inadequate school funding.

As a community we have surpassed this challenge to create the funding and environment that attracts top teachers and staff. In fact, Cupertino Union continues to be one of the top performing school districts in the state.

Lincoln Elementary has several fundraising sources, including the PTA, LEEF and CEEF.

The PTA requests donations from parents and uses them for a variety of PTA sponsored events and purposes. The Budget shows how the money is spent.

The new budget will be presented in the PTA Association meeting with general members on September 25

Established in 1994, the Lincoln Education Enrichment Fund, or LEEF, supports the computer, library, music and physical education programs at Lincoln Elementary. LEEF donations, which are fully tax deductible, are raised primarily through cash donations and corporate matching programs. Visit the LEEF web site for more information.

CEEF, or Cupertino Educational Endowment Fund, is a general fund that supports literacy, math and science, visual and performing arts, and technology programs for all Cupertino Union School District schools. The Foundation focuses on district-wide implementation of promising programs, as well as staff training and acquisition of educational resources of all district schools. Visit the CEEF web site for more information or to make a donation.